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Veganism may be a way of living that aims to avoid animal harm for ethical reasons. it’s expanded to incorporate people that make dietary and Healthy lifestyle choices to attenuate harm to the environment and their health.

Vegan diet completely eliminated animal derived products including dairy products. Plant based diet is crammed with nutrients derived from all plant sources including fruits, veggies, seeds, grains, pulses etc.

Environmentalists, fitness experts and nutritionists supporting veganism are constantly making efforts for masses to adopt veganism. A study published by the journal of hunger and environment nutrition found that eating a plant based diet is far cheaper and better for the environment than a meat centric diet. Eating a diet that uses plant-based proteins rather than lean animal protein will save us a mean of INR 50,000 per annum .

But most of the people switching to a plant- based diet are often complaining on how it’s costlier . allow us to take a better check out an equivalent .

Let’s compare

 Plant- based
Kidney beans (0.25) kg30
Tomato (0.20) kg5.51
Lettuce (0.10) kg4.31
Rice (0.25) kg15
Bread loaf (0.25)g5
 Non- veg
Chicken fillets (0.25) kg60
Red meat (0.25)kg100

Have you ever noticed how during a restaurant menu the very best cost of any vegetarian dish (mostly pot cheese based) remains less than the value of any meat based dish. Vegan remains better than vegetarian, i.e, aloo palak is cheaper than palak paneer.

A meat based dish costs a minimum of 1.2 times above a vegan or a vegetarian dish. A casserole platter of animal derived products would vary consistent with the animal rarity or quantity, however these dishes are almost twice the value of a nutrient rich vegetable and whole grains platter.

Lets break down a mean day’s cost of eating supported different diet’s.

Lets break down an average day’s cost of eating based on different diet’s.

VeganCost for a dayNon- veganCost for a day
Breakfast Breakfast 
Nuts/ Seeds13Fruits35
Coffee + Nut Mylk45Extra veggies and butter75
Lunch Lunch 
Evening Snack70Evening Snack70
Tea (Diary free)10Tea17
Dinner Dinner 
Tofu/ Tempeh75Meat90
Desert (vegan ice-cream)35Eggs28
Nut Butter15Extras30
Total563 640.5

Note- the above mentioned costs are in the upper range considering I even have calculated just for one person. Buying products in bulk is in fact cheaper.

But why do people on a plant- based diet still complain about speeding $ on food?

Well supported by my personal experience and research, many of us unconsciously also start brooding about health when switching to a plant- based diet. This might mean going pesticide free, buying more superfoods than usual, trying organically sourced fruits and vegetables etc.This is to not be confused with a plant- based diet itself. It’s true that organic produce is far costlier than non- organic.

Making switches like this might be helpful at the end of the day . It seems expensive initially , but will prevent multiple hospital trips.


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