Own your style ! 7 bag styles that every women should know

Women love buying bags & stocking up their closets with differing types of purses . Buying handbags when done well, are often considered as an kind . Trust me , once I say this. Health and fista share  a list of seven Girl bags that each girl should have.

1. Day Clutch

The envelope clutch may be a quiet each day clutch which will complete your everyday casual look. they’re large enough to hold all the things that you simply need once you leave for a coffee together with your friends.


Envelope Clutch

source: www.pinterest.com

2. Evening Clutch

There is nothing more perfect than a trendy clutch which will fit your formalwear . The evening clutch are some things that each woman should have. They are available in various designs and colours , so you won’t find it difficult to seek out the proper one for you.


Evening Clutch

source: www.aliexpress.com

3.  Weekender Or Duffle Bags

Weekender bag also known as a duffel bag is right for all those eleventh hour trips, staying with a lover or a brief weekend getaway. they need enough space to suit the things you would like for 2 days. So, yes it’s on my must have list.



source: sequinsandthings.com

4. Tote Bag

This type of girl bag is perhaps owned by most of the women out there. This sort of girl carryall may be a must have for each woman. It’s perfect to stay with all the things a lady needs. Trust me a lady carries tons of stuff in her bag.



source: lovely-pepa.com

5.  Sling Bag

Another bag which features a fixed spot during a women’s wardrobe. On days you don’t want to hold tons of stuff with you- just your phone, keys & cash, a woman sling bag is that the ideal choice.



source: www.stsat.net

6. Cloth Bag

This is the foremost basic & casual bag any woman may need in their wardrobe. This sort of girl cloth bag comes handy once you need to get out on a shopping day together with your friends. Light weight, stylish & spacious- what else are you able to wish for ?

Casual & Stylish

Casual & Stylish

source: www.brit.co

7.  Backpack

This type of bag may be a must have. No questions asked. Backpacks are just perfect for your outings, styling up an uneventful outfit, short trips etc. It’s beyond perfection & hence may be a wardrobe essential.

Bag Pack


source: stylehaus.jp


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