How to Rebuild a Healthy Relationship with Exercise After Exercise Addiction

Dr. Charlie Seltzer says he needed to hit rock backside earlier than he may want to see the onerous cycle of workout dependency he changed into.

At one factor, Seltzer changed into averaging seventy five mins of cardiovascular workout a day, six days per week, and dwelling on minimum energy. But like every other addictive behavior, Seltzer quickly found out he wished an increasing number of to get the identical effect.

“It negatively impacted my existence to the factor wherein I could panic if I needed to reduce a exercise brief through even 5 mins or exit to dinner wherein I couldn’t manage my meals,” he tells Healthline. The cycle, explains Seltzer, broke whilst he “burnt out.” It’s been a journey, however he says workout now could be approximately entertainment and the process — now no longer due to the fact he feels forced to do it.

Exercise dependence isn’t an legit intellectual disorder. However, the hyperlink among compulsive workout and disordered consuming frequently move hand in hand. In fact, the hyperlink is so sturdy that a few researchersTrusted Source say they can’t exist independently from each other at all.

While the continuum of compulsive workout is broad, being capable of perceiving symptoms and symptoms early can also additionally assist you forestall the cycle earlier than it reaches the extent of dependency.

7 symptoms and symptoms your fitness center dependency is coming from an dangerous location

1. You training session to make up for food or frame components you don’t like

The largest signal that your workout dependency is surely dangerous is in case you’re workout too frequently and very so that you can compensate or punish yourself on your day by day meals intake, or what you understand to be proper approximately your frame.

2. You’re usually on the fitness center

If the front table body of workers at your fitness center recognizes you more than your co-workers, you are probably spending an excessive amount of time there.

“While fitness center rats would possibly spend some hours per week on the fitness center, which includes an hour a day, individuals who are obsessed on the fitness center and workout would possibly spend 3 or 4 hours there every day, or common the fitness center some instances a day,” explains Dr. Candice Seti, PsyD.

3. You sense worn-out maximum of the time

Unhealthy fitness centers frequently cause fatigue and exhaustion from spending an excessive amount of time operating out and now no longer sufficient time looking after your frame.

Seti says this will place pressure on your frame and the frame’s systems, causing you to emerge as ill or injured from spending an excessive amount of time on the fitness center.

4. You extrade plans to deal with your exercise agenda

Do you cancel plans on the closing minute or make changes on your agenda to deal with your workout routines?

“People obsessed on the fitness center regularly locate themselves converting their plans or making plans for sports and social engagements across the time they normally could spend withinside the fitness center,” Seti explains.

For example, a person who has workout dependency would possibly flip down going for dinner with buddies as it interferes with the hours they’d spend withinside the fitness center.Also Read: “Lower Back Stretches to Reduce Pain and Build Strength

5. Your emotions approximately workout encompass phrases like mandatory, guilt, tension, and inflexible

When it involves workout, the purpose is to sense better — now no longer worse — whilst you’re doing it. Matt Stranberg, MS, RDN, at Walden Behavioral Care, says the subsequent symptoms and symptoms imply a healthful dating with bodily pastime is probably transitioning to an dangerous dependency, obsession, or risky compulsion:

  • You hold a inflexible workout
  • routine in spite of risky climate situations or threats to bodily fitness,
  • intellectual fitness, or both.
  • Your principal purpose is to burn
  • energy or lose weight.
  • You revel in persistent
  • fear, tension, or pressure concerning poor frame adjustments if you may not workout.

6. Your consequences are diminishing

Too much time withinside the fitness center frequently equates to faded consequences.

For example, licensed health teacher Jeff Bell says in case you locate yourself continuously skipping relaxation days to suit in workout routines seven days per week, you’re withinside the overtraining zone.

“You can also additionally emerge as irritable, lose sleep and your appetite,” he explains. Too much of an amazing aspect can move incorrectly in no time in this case.

7. You have a poor frame photograph

Countless hours operating out won’t restore your frame photograph. In fact, there’s an amazing danger it would make it worse.

“A lot of individuals who are fitness center-obsessed locate that they have got a bad frame photograph,” Seti says. “They see an unrealistic model of themselves and attempt to idealize it, although it’s now no longer healthy for them to maintain indulging in.”

An unrealistic frame photograph can cause consuming problems in addition to overexercising.

  • The times you workout
  • The sports you do
  • The way you sense whilst
  • operating out
  • How a lot time you commit to health that day

The way you sense (both

emotionally and physically) whilst you’re now no longer operating out and to your relaxation


Once you perceive the ones emotions, registered dietician and yoga instructor Claire Chewning, RD, says you may paintings to locate methods to shift the attitude round motion to “freedom” and “mobility” instead than “punishment.” She says that is imperative to the achievement of a sustainable well being journey.

Change matters up. If any of the caution symptoms and symptoms sound familiar, it is probably time for an extrade. Ideally, you need to permit your frame a while to relax and recover, however all of us recognise how tough that could be.

If the concept of whole relaxation sends your tension into overdrive, keep in mind swapping out some of your workout routines for energetic relaxation days. Engaging in sports like yoga, walking, tai chi, and swimming supply your frame and your thoughts a much-wished break.

Seek expert assist

Sometimes, the search to locate the stability among healthful and obsessive workout is tough to do on your own.

Seeking expert assistance through your physician or an intellectual fitness professional who makes a speciality of workout dependency or sports activities psychology is probably the exceptional location to start.

They allow you to perceive the styles and behaviors that make a contribution in your dangerous dating with workout and paintings closer to locating methods to make health a balanced part of your existence. Here’s a way to locate expert assistance for each budget.


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