How to Get the Steel Core for Ultimate Boxing Look

If you are into boxing and you have attended boxing training, you must know the importance of core. According to boxing trainers, you generate the energy through the core and then use shoulders and arms to deliver this energy, and finally, with the help of wrists and fists, you punch your opponent. So, if you want to execute a powerful punch your main focus needs to be on your core. Another important thing is that the core helps you balance your body because it is known to be the center of your body.

This also means that if your core is not strong you will not be able to hold your bodyweight easily. This is the reason we see people with body posture issues because they are unable to hold their bodyweight properly. As we compare normal people vs. boxers we see that boxers are some of the strongest people on earth. They have better body balance and yet they are never fat. Even if they have more weight than normal people you will never see a boxer with a flabby fat belly. If you compare boxers for their endurance and strength you will see them working for hours without getting tired easily.

It all comes down to the effort they are ready to put in. where most people just think that boxing is all about your upper body strength and your legs and the lower body doesn’t matter, the fact is that your whole body is involved in the boxing training. You need to keep in mind how you need to stay in control of your body and how you can do that with the help of exercise. Most people think about diet when they think of energy. However, if we look at the importance of exercise in this regard, we will see that boxing itself is an exercise that focuses on the whole body. As a result, you have a lean body with a steel core and muscular arms.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know how boxing-based exercises help you engage your whole body. We will also mention some of the best exercises to help you get steel core for better power and energy generation.

Why do you need To Train Your Core?

Core training is not just for boxing, it is also good for your day-to-day performance. Even if you have to stand still for cooking, your core is playing a very important role. In short, your body movement is very important and the way you engage your muscles is even more important. Some of the reason that will convince you to start you core exercise includes:

  • Core and abs will help you get a chiseled body
  • Core workout helps with balancing body weight
  • Core workout helps in improving the energy generation
  • Core workout will help you execute a better and powerful punch
  • Core workout helps in flexibility and strength that is good for all kinds of chronic pains
  • Core supports the back which makes it the center of the body and so it plays a very important role in body movement.

Simple Exercise That Will Help You Get Ultimate Steel Core for Boxing Look

Most people think that you need a lot of gym equipment to train your core. It is a misconception because there are so many exercises that do not require a gym membership at all. Most private trainers and gym owners try to hype up the use of expensive equipment because they just want you to invest a lot of money. To help you work on your core, here are some of the best core exercises that you should try.


How to Do a Plank Exercise (Plus, Plank Exercise Variations for a Strong  Stomach) | Shape

Plank is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to abdominal muscles. There are so many different variations of the plank but so far the classic plank style always wins. For the plank, you need to get into the push-up position and hold that position for as long as you can. A beginner might be able to hold this position for 30 seconds but as you get better you will be able to hold this position for 5-7 minutes.


New Defense Of Doing Crunches For Abs | Prevention

Crunches will help you feel the extreme burn in your core and you will feel the fat melting as well. For this, you will have so many different variations depending on the intensity. However, to start you just need to master the classic crunch where you lay down with your knees at 90 degrees. Now just try to lift your upper body and reach closer to the knees.


Sit-ups are one of the most fun and effective exercises. As a child, most people knew that playing sit-ups was fun. However, for the exercise, just skip the chair and sit. Do not take help or support for a chair or bench.

The Major Differences Between Sit-Ups and Crunches

Russian twist

The Russian twist is a great exercise that will help you work on the left and right of your base muscles. You just need to get in the crunch position and then try to touch on the left and right as you go. For this, some people like to hold softballs while others use weights as well.


Push-ups are the classic upper body exercises. You just need to get into the plank position and keep your back straight. Now try to take a dip and touch your nose on the floor and then get back up.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, your core or abs muscles are very important in your daily work as much as they are important for boxing. It helps you hold your body weight easily as well as improve the way you want to balance your body. 

You might have noticed the footwork of the boxer when he is in the ring. This is very important because you will be able to see improvement in boxing as well as your daily lifestyle. 

Most people who do not focus on their core face repose issues when they are pushed. In the case of boxing where you constantly have to move backward, left, and right to avoid punches, and your win depends on the way you balance your weight for the knockout punch. You need to make sure that your body can balance weight and you have the better mind and body coordination as well.


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