Best Isolation Exercise for Muscle Building

When it comes to health and fitness we can all agree that exercise is the most important change that you need to incorporate. Most people like the idea of exercise but they are not sure which exercise will be better.

Most people want to exercise within a limited time, others look for something less intense and most people just want to achieve their goal. We have seen people opting for crash diets just because they don’t want to commit to a healthy lifestyle for long. We can all agree that a healthy lifestyle is not that easy, you have to be more physically active and stick to a very boring diet.

However, if you choose your exercise properly you will be surprised how much improvement you will be able to see. For beginners choosing a good exercise that can help them to reach their goal easily is very important. This will help you stay focused and also help you to track your performance over time.

Tracking performance is one of the best tools to help you stay motivated for the longest time. There are so many different kinds of exercise including combination exercises, isolation exercises, cardio, aerobics, and a lot more. Most beginners find this very confusing which is the reason it is very important to know the pros and cons before deciding what you are going to choose.

With the help of this article, we will talk about the importance of gaining muscle and how isolation exercise is much better than other forms of exercise when it comes to muscle building. We will also talk about simple isolation exercises that can help you to gain muscle easily.

What Are Isolation Exercises?   

Most people get confused about the technical aspect of exercise. It is common knowledge that for bodybuilding or mass gain there is always weight-based training which can be both external and internal. You can either lift your body weight or external weight through equipment.

This all comes down to the goal you have and how fast you want to achieve your goal. With isolation exercises, you just focus on one specific muscle group and work on it. Targeting one muscle completely is a little difficult which is the reason muscle groups are targeted.

 You can simplify the isolation exercises and it will help you work on your body strength as well. Usually, advanced training routines are used in case of extreme transformation.

How To Know If Isolation Exercise Will Work For You?

An isolation exercise is for improvement within your workout domain. Most people who have a good fitness base use these exercises because isolation exercises will take the workout up a notch. An isolation exercise is relatively easier than a compound exercise because it doesn’t make you feel tired easily. 

For full-body muscle you can use compound exercise however, you need to balance your training depending on the muscle group you need to work on. For isolation exercise, you might need the help of a private trainer so that you do not end up overworking your muscles.

 Another important thing is the balance which can be achieved by defining your goal. If the time is limited you can easily bring up the intensity however if you do not have any restriction related to time, you can easily work out with simple exercises.

 Usually, bodybuilders who want to improve their muscle mass in one specific part want to even out the body, using isolation exercises. These exercises are also good for strength.

Top Isolation Exercise for Muscle Building

For the beginner who has never tried isolation exercises, we have listed down some simple isolation exercises. You can choose one for each day and schedule your training accordingly. For full-body engagement, we have listed down some of the best options.

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This exercise will help you engage the middle delts. You just need to lift the dumbbells in both hands and lift them like a bird ready to take flight. Try to lead with the elbow and spread your arms fully, do not try to stick your elbows near your rib cage.

Leg Extension

This exercise will help you engage your quad muscles. You just have to use the machine for leg extension that will help you peg the weight near your legs.

You just have to adapt according to the weight and move your legs accordingly. Make sure your body posture is good and your back is straight.

Nordic Hamstring Curl

As the name suggests, the main focus will be on the hamstring. So far if we see some of the best exercises that can complement Russian curl, Nordic Hamstring Curl will come to mind. This exercise is a little challenging because most people are even unable to complete a single Nordic Hamstring Curl so you need to focus on the overall workout.

Standing Barbell Curl

This exercise will help you engage your upper body, especially your biceps and triceps. His exercise is pretty common and almost everyone has a complete understanding of this exercise. For better performance, make sure the grip is firm and try to grip hands that are near to the inner shoulder.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, isolation exercises help you with laser focus so that you work on the muscle that you want to enhance. You might not be able to burn so many calories but the workout is pretty intense that you can easily see the difference in just a few weeks. 

Another very important thing is that no matter what exercise you choose, commitment should be very important. Continuous workouts and staying motivated throughout will help you a lot. If you do not work out regularly this will eventually impact the progress. 

With isolation exercises, you will get the benefit of rest because you can make your schedule in a way that one day you can work on one group of muscles, and then the next day you can switch to a completely new muscle group. This will help you give rest to each muscle and you will still keep working on other muscles.


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