A complete guide for a 2-day weekend trip to Yelagiri

Yelagiri may be a small hill station in Tamil Nadu , just around 150~ km from Bangalore. it’s a tourist spot however not as commercialized as Ooty/Kodaikanal/Coorg.

Since there are not any direct trains or buses from Bangalore to Yelagiri, the closest railway station to urge down is Jolarpettai. There are multiple train options in IRCTC. Choose the one which suits your timing. Yelagiri is found approximately 22 km from Jolarpettai and one must either take an auto or public bus. I opted for auto in fact since I had already completed my quota of experiencing an excessive amount of public & general services today. The auto would cost around 500 ₹ (fixed rate).

The first great view is down below when the auto covered half the space . I used to be immediately taken by sight and eventually felt relaxed. All thoughts of repentance were dismissed from my mind.

Day 1

I arrived during lunchtime, during a homestay “Kozee Kaves“, booked through booking.com. it had been a rare find and that they have their own private land stretching out for acres. They grow their own vegetables within the garden for cooking. Since i used to be starving, I ordered a veg thali which consisted of a humble dal, rice, beetroot sabzi, sambar, rasam, roti, and papad. I could feel that care and love with which each dish was prepared. Highly recommend staying here to feel that lovely countryside!!

The humble abode

After refueling my stomach, I freshened up and headed for Yelagiri Lake which was at a walking distance from my homestay. While heading bent the lake, you’ll encounter a street where you’ll also find Punganur Nature Park which is adjacent to the lake. After paying an entry fee of 10 bucks, I amused myself with some shooting games which cost around 20 bucks more and walked out towards the lake. it had been the shortest park I ever visited.

In the lake, I opted for boating. Boating in drizzling weather is an experience in itself. The lake was so beautiful and calm, I felt like staying within the boat forever. The upkeep was superb and therefore the lake was clean. A 2-seater boat cost around 200 and 100 bucks for a two-sharing and four-sharing respectively.

By this point , it was 4.30 PM. a night stroll within the highway of Yelagiri Hills, leads me to the present lane crammed with street food starting from tawa barbeque to paddus, from pakode (deep-fried battered veggies) to fresh local fruits.

The first thought involves mind is to shop for every damn thing out here. I mean being during a city you do not really get to ascertain such a lot of freshness and natural goodness together.

Couldn’t resist ordering one tawa barbeque from this beautiful girl . this is often a tilapia fish caught fresh from one among the lakes, pan-fried to a T , and served during a leaf strung out from a close-by tree. Cost just 50 bucks.

Day 2

The next day around 11 AM, the plan was to travel for a trek. Swamimalai or Mangalam Hills may be a popular trekking area in Yelagiri. it’s more popular among locals. I met one family who comes for trekking once a year. Since it’s not regularly frequented by tourists, 90% of the hills are untouched and breathtakingly serene.

Tip No. 1- The local authorities have started charging some 350 ₹ per person for the hike. i used to be ready to bargain thanks to another family arguing in their language and therefore the police agreed for 350 ₹ for the whole family rather than one. If you’ll and will bargain on the worth , do it.

Now, a 2-km trek seems like a simple task; however, it took me 2 hours to succeed in the ultimate point, which is the Swamimalai Temple. The climb starts with some easy set of stairs but the extent of difficulty keeps on increasing as you go above.

Halfway up the trek, I found a woman selling buttermilk during a lota for 20 bucks. Her stock runs out fast, so reach before 12 pm to possess an opportunity of getting one. She comes here every single day barefoot to sell buttermilk to trekkers. And here I used to whine and try to consider a plausible reason for trekking the place.

Tip No. 2 – you would like to urge an auto or ask your hotel to call an auto. The auto will drop you at the trek start line and can charge 100 bucks (if bargained).

After reaching the ultimate point, frankly, it had been a relief quote being mystified. On a significant note, the view was incredible and indeed breathtaking. There’s this old man who climbs up a day to open the temple for visitors. He would encourage visitors to return inside, mostly hoping to receive a donation. Poor man!! 🙁

The final view from the highest of Yelagiri Hills

Post trekking, I also visited Fundera Park which is around 20 minutes walk off from the trek’s start line. It’s another small park with some fun activities and pet dogs, birds, rabbits to achieve and pamper. The doorway will cost you around 60-90 ₹.


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