8 Most Popular Destinations For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

There are numerous beautiful countries and cities across the world and that we would all love to host our weddings in one among them. However, destination weddings in faraway places are complicated because it involves extensive planning and difficulties in inviting guests.

There is something different though! you’ll still have your pre-wedding photoshoots at the destination of your dreams and display the gorgeous pictures at your reception for your guests to admire.

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This may be a way better option as your trip won’t be compromised by the effort and jitters that accompany a wedding! you’ll now simply enjoy the trip together with your favourite person within the world and document some time together.

Here are the 8 hottest destinations that our clients chose for his or her pre-wedding shoots and you’re close to see why! Also read” 9 Best Tips To Travel On A Budget

1. New Zealand

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One of the foremost picturesque countries within the world and definitely one among the highest choices in everyone’s dream destination. New Zealand has such vibrant colours all year round and its breathtaking sceneries exude raw natural beauty. Everywhere may be a good photo spot with New Zealand’s clear turquoise lakes and its perfectly green landscape. Of course, it’s impossible to require pictures at every turn, so read our guide the simplest locations for photos which will awe your wedding guests.

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2. Bali

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Indonesia’s most famous island and one among the foremost exotic places. Bali is the perfect place for adventurous nature-lovers. Beautiful white beaches with stunning sunsets and spectacular views at the highest of volcanoes, Bali is that place to be if you’re trying to find paradise!

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3. Japan

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One of the foremost popular tourist destinations of all times, Japan isn’t just an area for shopping and eating sushi. faraway from the town centre, Japan boasts of traditional elegance and natural beauty. it’s home to a number of the most important parks that are flooded with people during the cherry blossom seasons when the luxurious foliage turns a sweet pink.

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Japan is additionally an area of immensely rich culture, with many shrines, tatami houses and locals walking around in their traditional kimonos. you’ve got to travel for a kimono fitting since if you’re already there for a photoshoot! Read our guide kimono rental for more information!

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4. Paris

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The City of affection undoubtedly deserves a spot on this list! The Eiffel Tower is expectedly one among the foremost popular locations for a shoot. However, Paris has many hidden gems that bring excellent shooting locations amidst its spectacular architecture. Your guests will surely be drooling over your pre-wedding photos and asking you for tips!

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5. Taiwan

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Taiwan may be a bustling city renowned for friendly locals, delicious food and lively night markets. However, that’s not the sole thing that pulls us thereto . Hidden within the more rural areas of Taiwan are vast fields of green, towering mountains and delightful lakes.

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Credit: OneThreeOneFour (Bella)

There are many natural beauties during this city that’s unexplored by most of the people but our photographers have the simplest insider recommendations on the right location for your shoot! it’s an excellent budget-friendly alternative to New Zealand!

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6. Venice

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Deemed one among the foremost romantic cities within the world, Venice is loved by many. Its iconic bridges and canals fill every corner of this amazingly picturesque city, distinguishing it from the other city in Europe.

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Venice provides the right middle ground between ancient and modern, with its pre-modern infrastructures just like the famous St. Mark’s Square and therefore the little cafeterias along the scenic canals. Every corner of this “floating city” adds its own character to your photos and can leave your guests swooning!

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7. Korea

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Another country that’s rich in culture, you’ll still see remains of the olden days existing harmoniously amidst the fashionable city. Home to several beautiful parks, historic palaces, and tall skyscrapers, Korea is ideal for couples who cannot choose a topic . Korea’s famous islands – Jeju island and Nami island also are popular locations across all its seasons.

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8. Prague

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Prague is one among the foremost charming cities in Europe. it’s a number of the grandest landmarks, starting from churches to castles. Every architectural building during this city may be a work of art and you’ll be left marvelling at its beauty. Your photos will look straight out of a fairytale and your guests are going to be wondering if an area as enchanting as this truly exists.


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