8 lipsticks to pair with your Smokey eye look

Smokey eyes are one of the most popular eye makeup trends out there. It’s one of the go-to’s for evening and formal makeup, but can also be worn for a day look. This look is also relatively flattering on anyone, so it’s no wonder why it’s so loved and veritably popular among women of all periods. 

So, what’s a smokey eye exactly? Can a Smokey Eye be an “ every day” look? This style of eye makeup consists of a dark shade of eyeshadow being applied to the lids, also blended out with a lighter eyeshadow shade to give a smokey effect as the name implies. Generally, the same process is done on the lower lids for a more complete eye look. A dark color eyeliner is occasionally also applied and also blended out for an indeed tubby look. 

How To Brace A Camo With A Smokey Eye? 

When it comes to choosing a camo to wear with a smokey eye, the key is to choose a camo that will round the look. The eyes will be the main focus, so pick a color that will complete the look without contending with the eyes. 

The stylish types of tones that will look great with a smokey eye are light and subtle colors. Suppose of pinks and light pinks, peachy tones, as well as buff ( including pinky buff and peachy buff). These are each great choices when it comes to powders to wear with a smokey eye look. Play around with these types of tones and see what works best for you. 

Pink Lipsticks 

Pink powders will look great with black, slate, blue/ cortege, and plummy/ mauvy smokey eyes, especially on lighter skin tones. 

Audrey – this camo color works well enough on any skin tone so this bone is a go-to but looks beautiful on lighter complexions. It’s a soft, neutral pink camo that’s elegant and dateless. 

Maven Mauve-this is a mix of fine rose and mauve, perfect for those with cool and neutral undertones. ( PICTURED Leftism) 

Secrets – cool-toned pink with a deep golden shimmer. This camo shade is great to help make the lips appear fuller. 

Raw lipsticks

Raw Powders are the popular go-to’s for squeaky eyes, these work astonishingly well with any smokey eye look. In general, pinky buff will work stylish for those with cool skin tones, while peachy and faceless buff will work stylish for warmer skin tones. 

Mischievous – the perfect tan raw, has no shimmer but it does give the lips a healthy shine. 

New York – a pink- grounded raw with warmer undertones, great for those with warm and neutral undertones. 

Oh My Guava – raw pink shade with lower brown and more pink undertones, works great with any undertone but is veritably flattering for those with cool undertones. 

What if you prefer a bold lip? 

In general, subtle and lighter tones work best with squeaky eyes. Still, red camo can look amazing with a smokey eye. 

The key to wearing red camo with a smokey eye is to find the right shade that will round it rather than overshadow it. A classic smokey eye ( black and slate tones) will pair well with a red lip. 

Red lipsticks

The key to wearing red camo with a smokey eye is to find the right shade that will round it rather than overshadow it. A classic smokey eye ( black and slate tones) will pair well with a red lip. Red camo will also look amazing with brown squeaky eyes. 

Appley Ever After – the perfect mid-tone blue- red that isn’t too bright or too deep. It’s a rich and sophisticated red, perfect if you’re looking for a shade that’s a little darker but not too deep. 

 Revolutionary – a gorgeous deep and sultry blue red shade, the classic retro red camo. It has a beautiful satin finish that gives the lips a healthy- looking shine.However, spot after applying to remove shine, If you’re looking for a matte finish however. 

Salty! – warm-toned red with orange undertones. 

Sanguine Fetish – a deep pinky-red with a slight brown undertone. It’s a neutral red shade that leans more cool-toned, giving it an analogous appearance to that of a blue-red camo. 

Strawberry Lips-a gorgeous light red that can be worn sheer for a berry- stained look, or concentrated on for further depth. 

Plum/ Berry lipsticks

Still, try a pearl/ berry camo, If you aren’t a red camo kind of girl but still want a commodity a little bolder than a light pink or raw. Go with a shade that isn’t too dark and deep so that it does n’t take the focus down from the eyes. 

Plum Sexy Crazy – a deep,multi-dimensional red pearl color with a golden shimmer. Apply one fleece for a sheer berry tone, or apply multiple layers for a rich, warm golden pearl color. 

Vogue-a classic berry-toned shade with a hint of sparkle. Starts of sheer with one fleece, but intensity can be erected with fresh fleeces. 

Mayberry – fine rose mauve with medium depth with a cool-toned berry undertone. This camo color makes a beautiful raw shade on dark skin tones. 

Ooh La La – a fine rose shade that’s slightly pink, slightly brown. Good for all medium skin tones, but looks great on those with cool undertones. 


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