5 Best Nutrition Apps for 2021

Tracking your nutrition has numerous benefits, from helping to manage food intolerances to increasing energy, avoiding changes in mood, and fueling the rhythms of your day. Whatever your reasons for logging your meals, an honest app can help.

We gathered the year’s best nutrition apps to form the work a touch easier. Between their impressive reviews, quality content, and reliability, these apps are designed to form tracking nutrition as simple as tapping a couple of buttons. Also, read “ 10 Best Nutrition Books Of All Time“.

Health and fista just decided to 5 Best Nutrition apps for 2021.So what are you waiting for, Let’s check this out!


If you’re someone who’s always seeking out sustainable eating options (tbh, as you ought to be), Hartley recommends downloading Seafood Watch, stat. It shows you the simplest choices and good alternatives for sustainable seafood at the market and restaurants. Another bonus? Through the app, you’ll find nearby eateries and businesses that serve ocean-friendly seafood.


Just because you recognize that staying hydrated is extremely important doesn’t suggest you usually remember to—or even want to—keep on chugging. Waterlogged helps you out, by allowing you to line sippin reminders throughout the day. you’ll also adjust these reminders counting on the day (think: when temps are higher, or you’re understanding quite usual).


If you’re one among the many people with irritable bowel syndrome or IBS (*raises hand*), then odds are you’re conversant in a FODMAP diet. But just in case, here’s a fast refresher: a FODMAP diet essentially involves you avoiding foods with certain short-chain carbohydrates (or FODMAPs). But because deciding these eats are not any entering the park, the creators of the particular diet (smart folks at Monash University) went ahead and made an app to make it easier. “This app shows which foods are high- and low-FODMAP, provides recipes, and a food diary to write down in,” Brondo says. “It even features a resource to seek out a dietitian that focuses on IBS.”


Before your next trip to the market, take a second to download the app Savage describes as “so helpful while grocery shopping.” By rating products on a scale from A (best) to D supported ingredients and nutritional value, Fooducate makes it easy to translate nutrition labels and choose the healthiest items out there. “It’s sort of a nutritionist taking you shopping,” Savage says.

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Vegans, rejoice! This user-friendly app may be specialized thanks to get A+ plant-based recipes that use fresh produce, unprocessed grains, healthy fats, legumes, and spices. Also ideal if you’re gluten- and/or dairy-free, Live Up! has filters to form finding your new fave meal even easier. In Brondo’s words? “It’s basically a cookbook on your phone!”


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