5 best highlighter of all the time

When choosing a highlighter, the world is your oyster. Do you want a liquid formula with a molten essence-suchlike radiance? There is a product for that. A clear attar that makes your complexion look painlessly dewy-eyed? There is a product for that, too. You get the point — there are more highlighters on the request than ever ahead, and in every possible formula and finish you can suppose of. 

With that being said, the load of options can frequently feel intimidating and leave you wondering what’s the right highlighter for your skin — and when you do find it, how stylish to use it. Enter New York City- grounded makeup artist Joseph Carillo. Carillo believes that highlighters can cheer up the skin and literally give a gleam from within.”These make us appear more angelic or in some cases more sultry,”Carillo says. 

He recommends applying a highlighter on the cheekbones, the ground of the nose, the cupid’s arc, and as a finishing touch, the center of the mobile eyelids, depending on the formula. 

 So, let the below be your highlighter text, a helpful compendium of our top picks. Read on to get glowing. 

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer 

  •  What We Like 

 Gives a sheer, natural- looking gleam 

 Hydrating formula 

 Skin looks lit from within 

  •  What We Do not Like 

 Can look a little patchy when concentrated 

This long-cherished pick (Byrdie’s Elderly Editor Hallie Gould is just one of a legion of devoted suckers) is further about leaving skin with a natural- looking gleam, rather than sheeting it with shimmer. It strikes that perfect balance, offering plenitude of radiance without veering into disco ball home. 

The satin-y finish offers a gorgeous marshland of incandescent color — it comes in five tones — while the base is rich in skin- loving hydrators similar to coconut canvas and vitaminE. Plus, it works inversely as well dabbed on your cheekbones as it does on spots like your collarbone, casket, or indeed pins. 

 Type Cream| Tones 4| Finish Buff| Size0.2 oz.| Cruelty-Free Yes| Byrdie Clean Yes 

This Cult- Fave Highlighter Gave Me a Lit-From-Within Gleam 

 Stylish Stick Satiny Haloscope 

  •  What We Like 

 Easy to apply and blend 

 Gives a soft luster 

 Dewy-eyed finish 

  •  What We Do not Like 

 Not ideal for unctuous skin 

We ’re big suckers of any and every kind of stick product, largely for the ease of use — projections swipe and go. This highlighter is no different. In true Satiny fashion, the gleam factor is conspicuous, yet subtle; credit genuine demitasse excerpts. And that white center you see? It’s an canvas- grounded core that imparts hydration and helps the stick glide on super easily. 

Type Stick| Tones 3| Finish Buff| Size0.2 oz.| Cruelty-Free Yes| Byrdie Clean Yes 

Armani BeautyA-Line Liquid Highlighter 

  •  What We Like 

 Comfortable to wear 

  Easy to apply 

  Cute packaging 

  •  What We Do not Like 

 Contains veritably little product 

Still, Byrdie Associate Editor Holly Rhue recommends this one, If you love a liquid highlighter. It feels undetectable, and the gleam factor is wearable, buildable, and completely credible. Sephora shoppers praise it for exactly that, noting that it’s perfect for every day. We also appreciate the doe- bottom applicator, which makes it easy to dot the perfect quantum onto the strategic spots you want to punctuate. 

Type Liquid| Tones 2| Finish Buff| Size0.1fl. oz.| Cruelty-Free No| Byrdie Clean No 

Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer 

  •  What We Like 

 Senses satiny soft on skin 

 Gives a soft gleam 

 Hydrating formula 

  •  What We Do not Like 

 Strong scent 

Former Byrdie Editorial Director Faith Xue ca n’t get enough of this highlighter, constantly singing its praises and participating how numerous respects she gets when wearing it (daily). The satiny thickness melts beautifully into the skin, creating what Xue describes as “ a cosmic baby angel gleam.” There’s an emotional array of six tones, all of which pride clean formulas on top of all the other attributes. 

 Type Cream| Tones 8| Finish Shimmer| Size0.2 oz.| Cruelty-Free Yes| Byrdie Clean Yes 

 I Get Crazy Respects Every Time I Wear This Product 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Citation & Gleam Figure Brace 

  •  What We Like 

 Goes on easily 

 Also contains a citation shade 

 Gives a soft gleam 

  •  What We Do not Like 


Prefer maquillages? Xue suggests this accessible palette, which houses a bronzer and highlighter, both in a silky pressed greasepaint form. While the two work completely fine independently, they pair beautifully together, the perfect way to define and punctuate all of your features. Throw this and a foundation stick in your bag and you have everything you need to score indefectible skin anytime, anywhere. 

Type Greasepaint| Tones 1| Finish Shimmer| Size0.6 oz.| Cruelty-Free Yes| Byrdie Clean Yes 

Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Strobing Stick 

  •  What We Like 


 Senses light on the skin 

 Easy to apply 

  •  What We Do not Like 

 Contains veritably little product 

Still, unicorn- style shimmer you ’re not entirely wrong, If you associate apothecary highlighters with full-on. Once upon a time, not so long ago, that was enough. But times have changed, and now there are plenty of amazing apothecary highlighters that will make your skin look stunning, without doing a number on your portmanteau. 

This stick, a face of Xue’s, is proof-positive of just that. Micro-fine plums add the perfect quantum of gleam — enough that you can see it, but not so important that you run the forenamed unicorn threat. The chunky size is easy to swipe on, and it comes in two inversely enough tones, a pale pink and raw champagne. 

Type Stick| Tones 2| Finish Buff| Size0.2 oz.| Cruelty-Free No| Byrdie Clean No 


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