15 Top Beach Packing List Items for 2021

Beaches are at the highest of just about everyone’s list once they consider most relaxing places to be. They’re beautiful and breezy, they provide many activities for young and old alike, and they are an excellent shake of the day-to-day.

1. Quick-Dry Travel Towel

A soft towel is one among the foremost essential items to pack for your beach trip. Easily relax and skim a book while using your travel towel or use it to quickly dry yourself off. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old or anywhere in between this towel is ideal for an action filled beach day or a stunning day enjoying the water. This one also comes with a bonus washcloth and is out there in several colors. Read more: How to get an easy holiday makeup look!

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HERO Travel Towel - Blue

2. Waterproof Phone Case

Ever wanted to bring your phone into the ocean to require a couple of selfies? Now you’ll with this waterproof pouch that features an easy snap and lock closure to stay out of water and sand. As a bonus, you’ll still have full use of your touchscreen and camera!

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3. Underwater camera

A waterproof camera will immortalize your underwater memories! This one gives you a full range of quality camera functions including underwater sound for your videos. It’s also durable and straightforward to use, plus very affordable.

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4. Float Straps for Devices

If you’re getting to bring your devices anywhere near the water they ought to be waterproof, and that they should float! Imagine your phone syncing to the rock bottom of the ocean… Not fun. These float straps are made for keeping small devices like cameras and phones afloat in order that you’ll retrieve them more easily. They’re also comfortable to decline your wrist to stop your devices from falling within the first place!

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5. HERO Packing Cubes

Whether you’re traveling with a backpack, suitcase or just loading up your car, a couple of packing cubes will make it so much easier to remain organized. rather than having to dig around for your swim trunks or bikini top, just grab the cube your swimsuits are packed in and you’ll be able to hit the beach regardless of if it’s an area beach or when you’re on vacation in Hawaii.

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packing cubes for luggage

6. Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Beach days are often very hard on your hair. Sun exposure alone can cause lasting damage, but add saltwater and wind and you’ve got a recipe for frizz and dryness. This leave-in conditioner works to replenish nutrients to your hair and to guard it from further damage. It smells nice, it’s easy to use, and we’ve found that it doesn’t add an excessive amount of heavy product residue.

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7. Cooling Towel

Enjoy the day longer and be cooler once you bring your cooling towel to the beach with you. Hot temperatures can leave you feeling lethargic and uncomfortable, but once you use this towel feel chilled and energized to steer a pleasant day. Relax with it around your shoulders, on your neck or wrap it around your wrist to unwind and regulate blood heat . At the top of the day, roll it up, place it in your bag and luxuriate in a carefree evening.

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Cooling Towel Pink-blue

8. Cooler Bag

A day at the beach isn’t complete without a gentle supply of cold drinks and snacks. Keep everything fresh during this heavy-duty collapsible, packable cooler bag. it’s an excellent thick insulation lining and may delay 24 cans. contribute some beach-friendly snacks (like salami and cheese) and you’re good to go!

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9. Windproof Travel Umbrella

If you’re heading to a beach which will get rain like the Pacific Northwest or any island in Hawaii then you’ll want to pack a windproof travel umbrella. This one is super compact yet sturdy so it’s great for keeping within the car just just in case . That way you’ll be ready to stay dry and luxuriate in the sweetness of the beach even if there’s a serious downpour.

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10. Beach Mat

Beach blankets are always necessary, but the incorrect blanket will get blown around, crammed with sand, and can be hard to dry at the top of the day. This WildHorn Outfitters beach mat is formed of parachute material so it’s quick-drying and light-weight . It also folds up very compactly for packing purposes. There are sand weights on the sides , too, so it won’t blow around within the beach breeze! It even has pockets for your belongings.

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11. Beach Bag

A good beach bag should be lightweight and roomy, and will be very easy to wash sand out of. This bag is all of that, plus it contains an additional cooler in it so you’ll have that far more cooler space! It’s made for traveling, so it’ll fold up neatly for storage and packing.

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12. Swimsuit Cover-Up

Swimsuit cover-ups aren’t just practical, but also are a chance to have fun with beach fashion. This cover-up is extremely comfortable and flattering, plus the soft material dries quickly and retains its shape rather than getting baggy and stretched . The last item you would like to try to do once you get out of the water is change your clothes while you’re still damp – wear this while you hang around and dry off.

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13. Portable Lipstick-Sized Charger

A day of fun within the sun can certainly drain your device batteries. Bring a transportable charger with you to recharge your electronics. This particular charger is about the dimensions of a tube of lipstick, but don’t let its size fool you: it can hold multiple charges and can power up your devices quickly using your standard USB charger cables.

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14. LifeStraw Filtered bottle

Hydration is incredibly important when you’re spending time within the sun and doing anything active. A filtered bottle like this one may be a good way to ensure that you simply can refill your bottle anywhere. The high-tech filter means you’ll still trust that the water is going to be tasty and freed from bacteria or chemicals albeit you fill the water at a random beach spigot.

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15. Natural Hand Sanitizer

It’s hard to remain germ-free while enjoying the right beach day, however once you bring hand sanitizer it all becomes possible. Enjoy beach picnics, swimming or other water sports all while staying clean and being safe. This bottle of hand sanitizer smells great and can keep you and your company feeling fresh for hours. enjoy the sweetness of your surroundings and feel safe doing so with this in your beach bag.

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